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Out of the Carnivals

The Havana carnival takes place during 6 days, divided into two weekends in the middle of August.
This tradition has a very popular origin and, although as the Cubans say, "every year it is a little bit worse", it still attracts a large number of visitors, mainly from the working class neighborhoods.

The comparsas parade along the malecón in a competition that, as in other countries, rewards the clothing, costumes, music, and decoration of the float and choreography of the dancers.

The project "Out of the Carnivals" focuses on what happens outside of the carnivals. The goal is to document what happens during the Carnival, but outside the main festivity.

angry boy in havana carnivals, photograph taken in cuba
masks in havana carnivals
mulata woman in carnivals in havana, picture by louis alarcon
eating chicken in cuba carnivals
drinking rum and coca cola in havana carnivals
dancing in havana´s malecon in carnival time
peanuts seller in havana
muscle mulato man in havana
fat woman in havana carnivals
young cuban woman with red lips
shadows in carnivals in havana, woman dress in yellow
corn on the floor in the havana´s carnivals
cuban mulata woman with blond hair
kiss in the middle of carnivals of Havana
lonely dog in the middle of cuban carnivals.


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