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On May 1st, 2016, the Adonia cruise liner of the Carnival company set off from Miami with around 700 mostly North American travelers who were making history by being the first to dock in Cuba in over 50 years.
It was May 2nd at around 8:45 AM when the cruise ship’s horn blared as it entered the bay of Havana. It was a historic moment; hundreds of passengers from the cruise liner came up to the ship’s deck to wave hello to Havana and its inhabitants.
What happened during the following 4 hours was spontaneous and wonderful – hundreds of Cubans came closer to take pictures of the cruise ship and several groups of Americans started coming down from the ship to get to know Old Havana. What no one could imagine was the impromptu reception, or the tears many of them would shed as they walked the corridor the Cubans made to welcome them.


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