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Cuba photo tour led by Louis Alarcon

I landed in Cuba as a photographer in 1998 and I´m still here – in love with the island and my cuban family.

In 2010 I launched  "Photographing Cuba Project"   focused on teaching human photography and discovering to my students an island unknown to the standard tourism.

"Off the beaten path - Cuba photography tours every day"

These Cuban photo tours (daily and weekly) are aimed at any photographer, regardless of his skills or the camera he may work with.

These photography tours to Cuba were designed with human photography in mind – portraits and documentary photography –, in addition to landscape photography, but it is important to know that Cuba is a paradise of street photography, where the relationship with people is one of the strong points.

The itinerary of these Photography tours to Cuba mainly focuses on Havana and the Cuban countryside. This way, travelers will have the opportunity to experience two completely different realities – the wonderful and bustling Havana, and the peaceful Cuban fields, where I lead my groups to visit my friends living in small communities dedicated to harvesting tobacco, cassava, beans, rice and breeding horses, cows and pigs.

Here you will find the upcoming Cuba photo tours this 2022 and 2023Here

There is a Cuba that is hidden from travelers arriving in Cuba for the first time, as well as large groups of tourists or photographers.

This hidden Cuba is shown thanks to the fact that groups are small, starting at 2 travelers (the tour is guaranteed to take place with a minimum of 2 persons) and with no more than 7;  in this way, houses and hidden corners can be visited, which would be impossible to access if the group were larger.

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Photo Tours conditions

Price: US$ 3,395 - ( 2 - 7 travelers)

Individual supplement : 280 $

Some of the Tour Highlights

- Capture the interior of colonial Cuban houses with ballet dancers

- Get expert tuition on a camera´s configuration, proper lense use, etc.

- Enjoy and work like a professional who knows how to choose the best pictures.

- Tell stories with your series of photographs.

- Visit an Afro-Cuban priest and photograph Afro-Cuban dancers.

- Take portraits of farmers, photos of landscape in Vinales village,.

- Experience the Havana´s life and Malecon scenes, including sunset in the right place at the right time.

- Cuban architecture.

- Get lots of surprises in our daily photo tour

- Rest in official Cuban houses.

Price: US$ 3,395 - ( 2 - 7 travelers)

Individual supplement : 280 $


- Local Tips for guides and drivers.

- Individual house / expenses (minibar, room service, laundry fees, etc.)

- International Flights

- Airline baggage fees.

- Travel Insurance (required).


- 8 days, 7 nights

- Accommodation (7 nights) in official Casa Particulares in Havana (Cuban B&B’s)

- Breakfast in casa partitular (our private house)

- Louis Alarcon bilingual photographer and tuition

- Local English-speaking guide

- Private, set Photo Sessions

- All local ground transportation in Havana and Vinales

- Admission to all public buildings and visits listed in the itinerary.

- Coordination of all listed activities

- Meals.


In addition to this street photography and travels, short photo shoots will also be performed with ballet dancers at colonial homes that still hold a special atmosphere, difficult to explain using just words.

Visits to boxing gyms are another major part of these photography tours to Cuba; there, young up-and-comers of Cuban boxing are trained.

Lodging during these Cuba photo-trips takes place at official Cuban rental homes – a Bed & Breakfast of sorts, with all comforts.
As a result, travelers will have a greater contact with the Cuban people, something that would be impossible to accomplish in hotels.
Furthermore, the house were travelers stay in Havana has a large terrace where they not only have breakfast, but is also the ideal place to talk about photography, analyze each traveler’s work, etc…

If you want to understand the atmosphere and rhythm of these Cuban photo tours, there is nothing better than seeing one of the videos recorded during the performance of these Cuba photo tours.


Off the beaten path - Cuban photo tour

If you want to understand which spots and locations are my favourite during his photography tours, you should take a look at my photographic essays; a great way to communicate among photographers is seeing our photos, and these are some of my photo projects.

You should also see the photos some of the travelers that have participated in these Cuban photo tours have taken throughout all these years, many of them analyzed by myself at the following link.

You are invited to take part in some of the upcoming Cuba photo tours, either in an individual, personalized 1 or 2-day photo tour around Havana, or participating in one of the 8-day/7-night photo tours that take place between Havana and the valley of Viñales.

Pictures of the cuban countryside

Any traveler wishing to enjoy Cuba and take good pictures should stop obsessing about techniques, cameras, accessories, etc.
Cuba is a country where you can practice a kind of photography that is almost impossible to find in other countries; a photography of closeness, a human photography, made up-close, since cubans are more welcoming than most, and they will always meet a well-intentioned photographer with open arms.

A trip to Cuba – even a photography tour – can never be all-business, since Cuba is a fun, cozy, human island bursting with life.

Locally Sourced Cuba is the specialized travel agency that manages and sells these Cuba photo tours.

List of extra activities 

Markets in Havana, Cuban parties, Afro-Cuban dancers, Visits to painters in our day to day, Retro amusement park, Family houses, Contact with Cuban photographers and other professionals, Old Gyms in Havana.Outlying districts (no tourism there), Boxers training, Old Havana (I like to call “the new old Havana”), Graffiti and paintings on the walls of Che Guevara & Callejón Hamel (special street painted), Religion: visit a house of a “Santero” (Afro-Cuban priest), Colonial houses (old furniture and old Cuban owners), Outdoor Architecture (Buildings with charm), Panoramic photography from the other side of the city, Malecon life, Sunset in special places, One of the most special and high terraces in Havana, Tobacco factory , Charming streets (street photography and contact with the people are two of the strongest points of this photo tour), Portraits, Review and analysis of pictures, Fototeca de la Habana Vieja (National photography institute), Visits to photographic expositions, Looking for changes in the new Cuba, Hemingway route (Hotel – bodeguida and Floridida Pubs where the writer was living in Cuba), Old Cuban cars.

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