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Yellow : latest natural chinese

On June 3, 1847, the first Chinese arrived in Havana. A total of 206 survivors out of the 300 emigrants who embarked 5 months earlier in the Cantonese port of Amoy. These first Chinese workers were called "coolies". 
They looked for a decent job to send money to their families in Canton and signed abusive contracts, so many of them lived in Cuba in conditions of semi-slavery.

Coolies and more compatriots, who arrived from California in the 1890s because of racism problems in the United States, made up the Chinese community with up to 150.000 inhabitants. 
Chinese emigrants were mainly men. In the second half of the 19th century, they mixed primarily with women of African origin, thus leaving their mark on the racial identity of the Cuban people.
Currently, the 13 Chinese societies in the Chinese towns in Cuba have registered around 50 Chinese inhabitants born in China, mainly in Guangdong province, who are very old, but still remain alive, located in different cities of Cuba.
A halo of melancholy envelops the Chinese community in Cuba: many memories, traces of its former splendor, photos and a few traditions still alive.

"Yellow " , Last chinese in Cuba  project, focuses on the reduced Chinese community that is still present in Cuba today, documenting their memories, surroundings and the few places they frequent. 
A long term project in which I seek to find all the Chinese born in China who live in Cuba, they are part of the history of one of the diasporas of the Chinese people. 
It´s a small personal tribute to all the Chinese emigrants who had to leave their home in search of prosperity.

Main door of havana´s chinatown
an old chinese in front of capitol in havana
Chinese cemetery in Havana after a hurricane
Cuban photography about chinese community in havana
Resting in one of the 13 Chinese societies of Havana
Che guevara comander in a cuban chinese book
Cemetery of Havana. QingMing day.
Offerings of the new Chinese generations to their ancestors. QingMing
Cuban photography about chinese traces
chinese cemetery in havana, bones of chineses
Portrait of a natural chinese citizen in Havana
images of chineses in Havana
big room in national cuban chinese association in havana
old picture about chineses in cuba
Pedro Jesus Eng Herrera
Yuya is one of the few natural Chinese women left in Cuba playing mahjong
light in the china building in havana
singers of chinese songs in havana
last cuban chineses singers in havana
chineses altars in havana
old cuban man reparing his car
José was president of the Chinatown, he currently resides in a residence that cares for 7 natural Chinese.
Mural in the communist Chinese association of Cuba.
bedroom of a chineses descendent in havana
President of chinese association in havana, cuba
playing mayong in havana the chinese domino




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