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Louis Alarcon (b. 1974) is based in Havana, where he carries out his work as a professional photographer, photography teacher, travel designer and director of photography tours.

Passionate about photography since his childhood, and about Cuba since 1998 –the year when he first landed on the island-, he decided to bring together these two passions and left his job as an engineer to focus on discovering the Cuban personality and showcase it through his photography projects.

“Cuba may well be the most photographed and least known country in the world – an island that is hidden under hundreds of misconceptions that preclude people from seeing the true idiosyncrasy of the Cuban people. A country where Cuban photographers have almost no presence on the Internet and where the image shown to the world is touristic, multicolored, and in many occasions, somewhat shallow.

Showing Cuba to the world working as a photobiographer is at the heart of my work.”  (Louis Alarcon)




He is a member of several international photography associations; among them the FIAP   Federation Internationale de l´art Photographique.

- Project leader of the “Photographing Cuba” photography workshops in Cuba
- Director of the largest YouTube video channel on Cuba :
- He is in charge of Cuba’s International Instagram account :



by Louis Alarcon
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